MA in Economics

Kathryn May, 2018

Kathryn May

Kathryn May is a Master’s of Economics student at George Mason University. May earned her BS in Applied Economic Management with a concentration in Community Economic Development and her BA in Political Science from Virginia Tech. She chose to attend George Mason to purse graduate-level education because of the university’s proximity to the Washington D.C. area and for the opportunity to work with the renowned Mason faculty.

While at Mason, May was able to get connected to research opportunities early in her first year. She had the opportunity to pursue her research interests through coauthoring papers on medical tourism and the regulations of new technologies. May found benefit in her involvement with the Mercatus Center as an MA Fellow. This has enabled her to take advantage of extra programming including reading groups and topic-specific workshops as well as develop relationships with the Mercatus researchers.

Mason’s Economics program has exposed May to new ways of viewing social and political problems. She has found that the professors’ emphasis the “economic way of thinking” has been a very useful framework for her while thinking about all types of decisions and choices. May has found that the Mason professors are very approachable as they are glad to open their door to talk to a student.

After the completion of the program, May is interested in pursuing a career in technology or health policy. She wants to find a career that enables her to utilize the skillset she’s developed during graduate school and allows her to grow in knowledge and skills.

May believes that her Mason degree will prepare her for her desired career through the mental framework she’s learned as well as the theoretical and quantitative skills. She believes that especially in public policy, being able to identify unintended consequences of political actions is of vital importance, and this program has helped her develop that skill. May is currently working as a Fellow for the U.S. Senate.

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