John T. H. Wong

John T. H. Wong

John T. H. Wong

Graduate Research Assistant

Machine Learning, Heterogeneous Agent Models, Regulatory Reform, Stabilization Policy

John Wong is a first-year MA student in the Department of Economics and an MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center. Previously, he worked as a consultant with PwC Hong Kong and advised government agencies on regulatory impact and implementation. As a researcher, he is interested in the application of machine learning and heterogeneous agent models in macroeconomic and policy analyses. His other research interests include regulatory reform, stabilization policy, and inequality. He has also written extensively on rights theory. View his website here.

Grants and Fellowships

Mercatus Center MA Fellowship (Awarded Fall 2023)

Dean's Honor List, Business School, University of Hong Kong (Awarded Summer 2022)


John obtained his Bachelor of Economics and Finance (double majors) at the University of Hong Kong with a minor in Politics and Public Administration (political philosophy).