Shan Gui

Shan Gui

Shan Gui

Graduate Research Assistant

Experimental Economics, Dynamic Mechanism Design

Shan Gui is a fourth-year Ph.D. student at ICES. Current research focuses on theories and experiments in dynamic mechanism Design.

Current Research

Working Papers

Non-Clairvoyant Dynamic Mechanism Design: Experimental Evidence (with Daniel Houser)

Using (merit-based) default to reduce gender gaps in contribution of ideas: Evidence from an online experiment (with Jingnan Chen, Daniel Houser and Erte Xiao)

Work in Progress

Can sellers discover the best dynamic mechanism? Evidence from a lab experiment (with Daniel Houser)

Mechanism comparison under non-clairvoyant environment (with Daniel Houser)

Grants and Fellowships

ICES Ph.D. Fellow,GMU, 2019-Present

National Scholarship, 2016

First Prize of the People's scholarship, 2016

Outstanding Graduates Awards of Shanghai, 2017

Courses Taught


Econ 103: Microeconomics Principles, GMU, Summer 2022   


Econ 838: Econometrics II , GMU, Fall 2021, 2022 (with Daniel Houser)

Econ 445: Design and Analysis of Experiment, GMU, Fall 2021, 2022 (with Daniel Houser)

Teaching Assistant

Econ 612: Microeconomics II, GMU, Spring2021, Summer 2021

Econ 611: Microeconomics, GMU, Fall 2021

Stochastic Calculus for Finance, Fudan University, Fall 2018

Game Theory, Fudan University, Fall 2017


George Mason University, Ph.D. Economics, 2019-present

George Mason University, M.A. Economics, 2021

Fudan University, M.S. Finance, 2017-2019

Shanghai Univerisity of Finance and Economics, B.A. Economics and Mathematics, 2013-2017

Recent Presentations

ESA Global, 2022

ICES Brownbag, 2021

APEE, 2021, 2022