Rachael K Behr

Rachael K Behr

Rachael K Behr

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Austrian economics, economic sociology, political economy

Rachael K. Behr is a third-year Ph.D student, who holds fellowships with the economics department, Mercatus Center, and the Hayek program at George Mason University. She comes from Hillsdale College, where she was acutely interested in the intersection of political theory and economics. At George Mason, Rachael specializes in Austrian economics and economic sociology, and is interested in research at the intersection of social issues and Austrian economics.

Grants and Fellowships

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, George Mason University (2020-2021)

Graduate Fellowship, F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Mercatus Center (2018-2021)

Graduate Research Fellow, Mercatus Center Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship (2019-2020)

Summer Fellowship, Hertog Foundation (2018)

Departmental Award (Second Prize), for GPA and Academic Success, Hillsdale College Department of Economics (2018)

Research Fellowship, Hillsdale College Department of Economics (2018)

Research Fellowship, Hillsdale College Department of Politics (2015-2018)

George Washington Fellowship, Hillsdale College (2015-2018)

Oppenheim Scholarship, Hillsdale College (2014-2018)

Courses Taught

“Economies in Transition,” Teaching Assistant (Summer 2020).

“Intermediate Macroeconomics” (Fall 2020). Two sections. 

“Environmental Economics for the Citizen” (Fall 2020).


Hillsdale College, B.A. in Politics and Economics, 2014-2018

George Mason University, Ph.D. of Economics, 2018-present

Recent Presentations

“New Themes from Adam Smith: Smith as a Behavioral Economist,” Presented with Dr. Michael J. Clark at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Private Enterprise and Education (April 1-4, 2018).