Joshua Seth Ingber

Joshua Seth Ingber

Joshua Seth Ingber

Graduate Research Assistant

Price Theory, Energy, Economic History, Econometrics, Monetary Policy, and Public Choice

As a first generation American, who saw my father live out the American dream, I am drawn to the study and propagation of economic principles. 

In that vein, I am finishing my PhD in economics at George Mason University, as a Mercatus fellow.  I also have a masters degree in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University. For the past 8 years I have worked as an economist at Summit Consulting and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

I am currently in the process of submitting 3 different working papers for publication.  The topics include monopsony power in China, testing the Alchian-Allen theory with gasoline grades, and monetary policy during the civil-war south.   

At Mason, I have taught three semesters of econometrics and am poised to teach micro and macro principles in 2019.

Friedrich Von Hayek once said, "any [person] who is only an economist, is unlikely to be a good one." That said, before transitioning into economics, I began my career in finance, and am a partner in real estate company.  I have worked with medical device startups and been involded in some non-profit organizations.  I am an avid runner, musician, and new dad.