Jacob Custer

Jacob Custer

Jacob Custer

Graduate Research Assistant

Constitutional Political Economy, Public Choice, Public Finance

Jacob Custer is a MA student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. He is currently serving as the MA Economics Representative for the Graduate and Professional Student Association at George Mason University. His research interests include constitutional political economy, public choice, and public finance.

Jacob's passion is to advocate for policies that will maximize individual liberties and economic freedom through economic means.

Jacob previously interned at the Heritage Foundation and helped produce the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom. He previously interned for Senator Rand Paul and served on the staff for Senator Chuck Grassley.

Grants and Fellowships

Jacob is a MA Fellow, and a former Don Lavoie Fellow, at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.


Jacob earned his dual BS degree in Economics and Public Policy with a minor in American Politics from Rochester Institute of Technology.