David A. Lemus

David A. Lemus

David A. Lemus

Graduate Research Assistant

Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Political Economy, Economics of Crime, Regulatory Analysis, Tech Policy/Governance, Honduras, AI/VR

David A. Lemus is a MA student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University

Previously he was pursuing a PPE MA in International Politics at the CEVRO Institute in Prague,Czech Republic.

David graduated from Montclair State University with a dual degree in  Economics and Political Science.

Professional experience includes 2 years of experience in Data Management and Analytics at a Risk Management Firm. He has held internships in the non-profit and corporate finance sector.  

Grants and Fellowships

MA Fellow, Mercatus Center


MA, Economics, George Mason University (expected May 2022)

MA, PPE concentration in International Politics, Cevro Institute (expected 2021)

BA, Economics, Political Science, Montclair State University ‘17