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Economics Society


The Economics Society is a student organization dedicated to promoting the economic way of thinking and committed to the personal, professional, and academic development of all students interested in the study of economics.

Every other week the Econ Society meets for discussion sessions based on economic topics chosen by the students.  These sessions give students a great opportunity to discuss topics in the news and literature from a refreshing perspective. It also allows students to meet other graduate or undergraduates with similar interests.

The Econ Society has a monthly Law & Economics Seminar and Economic Liberty Lecture Series (ELLS), both co-hosted by the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF).   Students discuss court cases and their consequences with FFF's Jacob Hornberger, a former law professor.  At the ELLS, students of all disciplines come to hear economists like Michael Munger, Steve Horwitz, Dan Smith, Timur Kuran, and Steven Landsburg lecture about economic topics related to liberty. There is always the opportunity to meet these renowned economists at the social hour that follows the event.

The Econ Society also hosts a lecture with a local economist featured every month.  In the past, the group has been able to present panels on healthcare reform and Haiti, debates on topics like immigration, welfare, and funding higher education and lectures on the drug war and the economics of brain emulation.

Frequently, throughout the semester the Econ Society coordinates with the Mercatus Center and the George Mason Department of Economics, as well as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, to host exciting events. We have co-hosted many panel discussions, including our most recent one, titled “Obama’s Second Term: New Flexibility, New Impact?” with panelists such as Bill Schneider, Mason faculty member and political journalist from CNN and Politico. We have also worked to help present the Spring Economics Community Forum with Professor Tabarrok, an ICES-Mason Workshop on Internationalization and Competitiveness, and a talk titled “The Israeli-Palestinian Equation” with Professor Ran Halévi.

Upcoming events include the continuing Law & Economics seminars with Jacob Hornberger, a lecture by Mason professor Mark Koyama, and the continuing Economic Liberty Lecture Series featuring David Primo.

The goal of the Econ Society is to educate students with any interest in the study of economics. All disciplines are not only welcome, but also encouraged to join the fun!