Economics Department New Staff

Economics Department New Staff Image

Mark Pfundstein has lived in Washington, DC, since 1999.  After graduating from college with a degree in political science, he worked on Capitol Hill for over seven years.  In 2006, he took a job at The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) directing the oldest and largest of their summer academic internship programs.

The TFAS programs, which run year-round, combine internships at various organizations around the Washington area with academic courses for credit.  Pfundstein’s program focused on economics and politics on the domestic and international levels.  The Fund for American Studies programs promote a better understanding and appreciation of free-market economics among undergraduate students through courses, special speakers, and mentors. Given the reputation and solid free-market credentials of the economics department at George Mason University, a partnership between TFAS and Mason is a natural fit. TFAS has used Mason professors or Mason graduates to teach their courses for many years.

With the partnership between The Fund for American Studies and George Mason University now official, Pfundstein will act as the TFAS Program Manager at Mason.  He has been at the university for about a month, and has been getting up to speed on its many systems.  He is looking forward to working on a smooth transition of TFAS to Mason, and making sure the students participating in the TFAS programs have the best possible George Mason experience during their time here.