MA Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements cited in the University Catalog and on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences website, the following requirements also apply:

  • 30 credit hours must be applied to the degree
  • At least 18 credit hours must be earned as a degree-seeking student in the Economics MA program at George Mason University (see Transfer policy)
  • 15 credit hours of core coursework must be applied to the degree (exceptions or waivers must be approved by the MA Director):
    • 6 credit hours of Microeconomic theory (ECON 611 and 612)
    • 3 credit hours of Macroeconomic theory (ECON 615)
    • 3 credit hours of Mathematical Economics (ECON 630) 
    • 3 credit hours of Applied Econometrics (ECON 535)
  • All students must complete the micro and macro theory course sequences even if they have taken similar courses at another institution. Exceptions will not be granted.
  • Must pass the MA Applied Economic Theory comprehensive exam (see MA Comprehensive Exam)
  • Up to 6 credits (or 2 courses) may be taken in departments outside of Economics
  • Up to 6 credit hours of coursework may be taken through the Consortium with the approval of the MA Director
  • Up to 6 credit hours of directed readings (ECON 896) may be applied toward degree requirements
  • Students must graduate within 6 years after first enrollment
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in course work, which may include no more than 6 credits of C

Last updated:  03/13/19