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Sample First Year Part-time PhD Class Schedule

Sample First Year Part-time PhD Class Schedule


All core courses are taught on the Fairfax campus. Core courses taught on the Arlington campus are designed for MA students and do not carry core credit in the doctoral program.

If possible, part-time students should arrange their work schedules to be able to take two courses per semester within the first year. Students must take at least 9 credit hours per year to advance to candidacy within the 6-year time limit. Summer classes are not offered for PhD students.

First Year – Fall

ECON 811 Micro I
ECON 830 Math Econ

First Year – Spring

ECON 812 Micro II
ECON 637 Econometrics

First Year – August

Micro prelim exam


Second Year – Fall

ECON 715 Macro I
Field 1

Second Year – Spring

ECON 816 Macro II
Field 1 (cont)

Second Year – August

Macro prelim exam

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