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Teaching Economics Through Children's Literature
Lesson: Pigs Needs and Wants
Lesson: Pigs Cost Benefit Analysis
Lesson: Fishing for Opportunity Cost
Lesson: Jack Had a Scarcity

Edible Economics
1. Resource EZ Reader Economics Bibliography
2. Resource Economic Songs
3. Materials Milk Maker Economics Journal
4. Materials Journal Production Resource Chart
5. Lesson Cookie Scarcity When the Doorbell Rang
6. Lesson Dust Bowl Scarcity
7. Lesson Blueberries for Sal Wants
8. Resource Decision Tree and Grid
9. Lesson Katy No Pocket Scarcity
10. Lesson Apple Picking Time
11. Materials Op Cost Coupon
12. Materials Op Cost Lunch
13. Materials Milk Production
14. Lesson Tortilla Factory Resources
15. Materials Pancakes for Breakfast Story
16. Lesson Game Make Apple Pie
17. Lesson Make Apple Pie Resources
18. Lesson Grasshopper and Ants Save Spend
19. Lesson B Bears Color Resources
20. Lesson Sanji and Baker Good Service
21. Lesson Paper Crane Standard of Live
22. Lesson Homer Price Donuts
23. Lesson Lemonade
24. Lesson Sat Sancocho Barter
25. Lesson Count on Pablo Market
26. Lesson Popcorn Production
27. Game Tax Us
28. Lesson Restaurant Special and Interdep
29. Lesson Night Markets
30. Lesson Barter Survival
31. Lesson Native American Harvest

Teaching Economics Through Children's Literature: Bibliographies
K-3 Literature/Economics/Math Connections Bibliography
E Z Reader Economics U.S. History Bibliography


Scarce Room in Red Fox’s Canoe
A Shortage of Coffee in Colonial Boston
Choosing Freedom

Power Point Slides
Econ In Fiscal Policy Slides Sept 2010
Econ In Monetary Policy Slides for AP


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