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The George Mason University Center for Economic Education is located in Buchanan Hall on the Fairfax Campus.  Kate Scott is the Associate Director for the center and runs several workshops each semester for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. 

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Stock Market Game I

Grade 4, Grade 5, Middle School, High School

The Stock Market Game Workshop is designed for teachers who are new to the Game and those who have not played in the last several years. This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of the game, on-line resources, and classroom implementation. In addition, participants will be introduced to the workings of the Stock Market. A laptop is recommended for this workshop. 
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Stock Market Game Workshop II

Grade 4, Grade 5, Middle School, High School

The Stock Market Game Workshop is designed for teachers who attended the SMG Workshop I and for those who have experience playing the game with students. This second workshop will focus on additional on-line resources, more complex trading strategies, and further exploration of the economics behind the Market. A laptop is recommended for this session.   
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Economics in Va and US History

Grade 4, Middle School, High School

Combining US and Virginia history with economics using great children's books makes learning easier and more enjoyable for both teachers and students. This class will focus on using read-aloud and grade-level trade books to highlight the economic principals in the context of history. Well-designed lesson plans that engage learners in simulations and problem-solving activities will be an intregal part of the course. Participants will have access to all lesson plans used and discussed in the class.
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Teaching Economics through Children's Literature

K, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

Did you know that Mother Hubbard had a scarcity or that Mike Mulligan's steam shovel was a capital resource and Henry Huggins was an entrepreneur? Children's stories offer a wealth of opportunities to introduce and illustrate the economic concepts embedded in the elementary SOLs. Participants will experience and play with many lesson plans designed to make children's books an integral part of economic instruction throughout the school year. Lesson plans and materials will be provided to all teachers attending. 
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Economics Institute:  ECON 695:  Economics for Educators

High School

Planning (or hoping) to teach the new Economics and Personal Finance course? Then this institute is for you! Blending economic content and classroom methodology, this program focuses directly on the economics portion of the new EPF SOLs. Participants will experience first-hand how the “economic way of thinking” turns basic economics concepts into “life skills” that enable them to make more meaningful and productive day-to-day decisions. A detailed analysis of how market economies work and the personal and societal implications of economic indicators--inflation, unemployment, and economic growth--will also contribute to more informed decision-making as consumers, producers, savers, investors, employees, and citizens. A broader analysis of economies and globalization will conclude the program, allowing participants to make better sense of world situations.

Participants receive classroom curricula valued over $100.  

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