College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Economics Undergraduate Advisors

Below is the list of undergraduate advisors for economics majors. The main advisiors are Jason Dunick and Thomas Rustici. If you want to change your major to economics, obtain a change of major form from the department and submit to the registrar's office in SUB I.

Before you meet with your advisor, obtain a degree evaluation on PatriotWeb (choose "detail requirements"). If you are not currently an economics major, you can do a "what if" analysis. The degree evaluation shows how the courses you have already taken fit into our program requirements. If you still have questions, make an appointment with your advisor and take the degree evaluation and a completed BA or BS worksheet with you.

List of Economics Advisors at the Economics Department on the 3rd Floor of Enterprise Hall

Jason Dunick 993-1141
Jim Bennett 993-1155
Carrie Meyer 993-1143
Thomas Rustici 993-1137
Philip Wiest 993-1131


List of Economics Advisors at the Center for the Study of Public Choice in Carow Hall

Bryan Caplan 993-2324
Robin Hanson 993-2326
Ron Heiner 993-2322
Noel Johnson 993-1138
Garret Jones 993-2315
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