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Job Market Candidates

Thank you for visiting our Economics Job Market Candidates page. We are pleased to present our 2013-2014 job market candidates.

If you have questions concerning our students or need further assistance in contacting prospective candidates, please contact the dissertation advisor listed. 


Luigi Butera

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Dissertation Title:  Three Essays on the Economics of Image Motivation
Advisor:  Daniel E. Houser and Marie Claire Villeval
Primary Fields:  Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics
Secondary Fields:  Behavioral Economics, Public Economics
Job Paper:  Good News, Bad News, and Social Image: The Market for Charitable Giving  


Jingnan Chen

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Dissertation Title:  Three Behavioral Economic Analysis of Lies and Broken Contracts
Advisor:  Daniel E. Houser
Primary Fields:  Behavioral Game Theory, Experimental Economics
Secondary Fields:  Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics
Job Paper:  Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnership: Experiment and Theory


Zachary Gochenour

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Dissertation Title:  The Political Economy of Immigration
Advisor:  Bryan Caplan
Primary Fields:  Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics
Secondary Fields:  Economic History
Job Paper:  The Political Externalities of Immigration  

Alexander William Salter

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on the Political Economy of Monetary Institutions and Policy
Advisor:  Lawrence H. White
Primary Fields:  Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory
Secondary Fields:  Austrian Economics, Political Economy
Job Paper:  Robust Political Economy and the Lender of Last Resort



Akhmad Rizal Shidiq

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Dissertation Title:  Essays on Firms and Political Connections in Indonesia
Advisor:  Garett B. Jones
Primary Fields:  Monetary Theory, Development Economics
Secondary Fields:  Public Choice
Job Paper:  Does Political Connection Reduce Firm Liquidity Constraint? 


Rutger Van Bergem


Dissertation Title:  The Effects of Legal and Regulatory Frictions on Macro Economic Fluctuations
Advisor:  Donald B. Boudreaux
Primary Fields:  Macroeconomics, Law and Economics
Secondary Fields:  Austrian Economics, Philosophy and Economics  



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