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Experimental Findings "On the origins of dishonesty: From parents to children" by GMU's Daniel Houser and others

Dishonesty is a pervasive and costly phenomenon. This column reports the results of a lab experiment in which parents had an opportunity to behave dishonestly. Parents cheated the most when the prize was for their child and their child was not present. Parents cheated little when their child was present, but were more likely to cheat in front of sons than in front of daughters. The latter finding may help to explain why women attach greater importance to moral norms and are more honest.

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White Discusses Ecuador's New Electronic Money System on reports that Ecuador's Sistema de Dinero Electrónico is soon to become the world's first state-run electronic payment system. Lawrence White, faculty member, Department of Economics and Mercatus Center, comments that although the currency is tied to American dollars, it appears to serve as Ecuador's first step away from that standard.

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